Bianca Chang

Bianca Chang Paper Sculpture

My heart skipped a beat or two when I spotted Bianca Chang’s brilliant paper sculpture over at Felt & Wire last week. Bianca, a Sydney, Australia-based designer and paper artist, combines her love of paper and typography to create amazing pieces of paper sculpture. And can you believe that she created her first three-dimensional paper piece just last September? Wow!

Above is a piece that Bianca created for a recent issue of O Magazine, and below is a stop-motion video that will give you a better idea of how her pieces are created. Head over to the Felt & Wire blog for many more details about Bianca’s work process and inspiration, and check out her portfolio at

Gorgeous paper details from some of Bianca’s pieces:

Paper Sculpture

Bianca Chang

Papercut Artwork

Bianca Chang

images from Bianca Chang

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