A Letterpress Christmas: Two Piglets Letterpress

A Letterpress Christmas

Two Piglets Letterpress Monkey Joy Card

Alright, this “Monkey Joy” card from Two Piglets Letterpress is so cute that it should probably be illegal, but that could cause problems. First, we wouldn’t be able to buy illegally cute cards in regular paper stores. Naturally, a black market for illegally cute paper creations would pop up, where hopelessly addicted paper cravers like me would pay insane amounts of money to get their hands on these precious commodities. Pretty soon, the ICEA (Illegally Cute Enforcement Agency) would be created by the government, and we’d all be hiding out in “paper dens” in hopes of not being caught and prosecuted for illegal possession of too cute paper goods. Not good. Not good at all.

Luckily, this insanity is only in my head and “Monkey Joy” cards can be purchased legally from Broadway Paper.

image from Broadway Paper

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2 comments on “A Letterpress Christmas: Two Piglets Letterpress

  1. Jessica commented //

    oh i adore this card! i posted about broadway paper this morning & didn’t see this cutie!

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