6 Snazzy Shopping & To Do List Notepads

As an avid list maker, I’m always in the market for notebooks, notepads, and pretty much any paper good that will allow me to organize my various jottings, notes, and checklists. Though I prefer blank notebooks to hold random ideas, doodles, and lists, I also like to have a couple of action specific notepads on hand for grocery shopping and daily errands. It’s makes me feel triumphant to be able to tear off a sheet and throw it in the trash at the end of the day, knowing that I got everything done that I needed to do.

Here’s a little roundup of the snazzy shopping and to do list notepads that I’ve had my eye on recently:

6 Snazzy Shopping & To Do List Notepads as seen on papercrave.com

1. Rifle Paper Co. 2. Quill & Fox 3. Knock Knock (perforated in the middle!) 4. Pei Design 5. The Arminho (set of three) 6. Boygirlparty

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  1. susie commented //

    thank you so much for including my owl to do list!

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