52 Weeks of Mail

52 Weeks of MailI was SO excited to hear about the new 52 Weeks of Mail project from Kimberly Costa of Honizukle Press, the graphic designer for this awesome new project and a member of the Etsy Greetings Team, who created said awesome project.

52 Weeks of Mail is “all about getting back to sending cards and letters to loved ones and fostering relationships that way”, and participants are encouraged to be more intentional about keeping in touch with friends and family by sending out a card or letter each week for the next year. I know that this is something that I’ve personally been trying to do recently, and though I love my computer and the interwebs, it’s so nice to unplug sometimes and to actually sit down and write a note or letter by hand.

52 Weeks of Mail begins on October 9, 2011 (appropriately, World Post Day) and continues through October 7, 2012. A free printable enclosure notecard with an explanation of the project will be available when the project launches, so you can help spread the word via the cards and letters that you send and encourage others to take part.

Get more details and stay up to date on what’s happening on the 52 Weeks of Mail Facebook page, and be sure to have a look around my archive of greeting cards posts to find lots of fun cards that you can send to friends and family!

image by Kimberly Costa

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8 comments on “52 Weeks of Mail

  1. Rachel commented //

    I LOVE this idea! I will post about it this week on my blog!

  2. rebecca commented //

    I have just found your blog today and spent a good hour going back a page and back a page…and im addicted! I have a little stationary addicition and this probably doesnt help…but I dont care!x

  3. mari commented //

    What a wonderful idea. I still do a fair amount of hand-written correspondence, so I’m very intrigued by this project!

    By the way, I saw a news report last night that stated that most Americans get one piece of handwritten correspondence every seven weeks. I don’t know; I kind of felt sad hearing that. email, etc. has made things easy but I sure love getting a letter in the mail.

  4. Tillypollard.com commented //

    What a fantastic idea!! I may even go as far as using my old fountain pen!! Count me in.

  5. Julie S. commented //

    Love this idea! I did something similar this summer while on vacation – just sent little notes to my on-line friends that I usually only correspond with electronically. It feels good to hand-write a note, use a stamp and send someone some loveliness! 🙂

  6. Kimberly commented //

    So glad that everyone finds the project interesting. Can’t wait for the launch!

  7. Cisne commented //

    How exciting that an Etsy Greetings Team project has been embraced by many. I’m feeling the love guys. Its awesome. I will be having a giveaway to begin my journey on a happy note. 5 cards to be given away. I would love it if you would stop by and check it out. There is no need to purchase anything I just want to help others to jump start their 52 weeks experience. Check out the details at my blog http://www.cisnexpressions.blogspot.com. I would love it if you stop by and tell your friends for a chance to receive one of 5 Alice in wonderland cards. The cards given away will be posted tomorrow.


  8. Annie commented //

    Thanks for posting this! Looking forward to getting started on Sunday!

    Empty On the Inside

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