2017 Fontacular at MyFonts

Fontacular at MyFonts Yellow Design Studio Bundle

Font fanatics, get ready to get happy because this week is the annual Fontacular celebration! The legendary font event has found its way to MyFonts for the very first time this year, and they’ve partnered with 50 of the leading font foundries to bring you some fontastic and totally great deals on all sorts of awesome fonts through October 27th.

MyFonts will be updating the Fontacular page daily with the day’s featured typefaces, so you’ll want to keep checking back to see what’s new. The deals for the first day are pretty darn incredible, with oodles of fantastic bundles that include everything from clean, modern sans-serifs to gorgeous, on trend brush scripts. Take a peek at just a few of the fonts below, and pop over to the Fontacular page daily to see new deals!

Catalina Font by Kimmy Design

Catalina by Kimmy Design


Viva Beautiful Brush Font by Cultivated Mind

Viva Beautiful by Cultivated Mind


Rockeby Font by My Creative Land

Rockeby by My Creative Land


Quimbly Font by Magpie Paper Works

Quimbly by Magpie Paper Works


Blend Font by Typesenses

Blend by Typesenses


Bourton Font Family by Kimmy Design

Bourton by Kimmy Design

images from MyFonts

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  1. Afsaneh commented //

    These fonts are gorgeous! Myfonts is my favorite font site :o)

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