13 Free Halloween Fonts and a ‘Bat

Free Halloween Fonts

Planning any Halloween projects yet? My mind has been on Halloween decorating for at least the past couple of weeks. My plans are always grand, but I never seem to have enough time to complete anywhere near what I’d like. Since I’m starting early this year, my ambitious plans may stand a chance!

At least one of my projects always involves fonts of some sort, be it gift tags, a banner, invitations, or a decoration to hang on the wall. And what fun would Halloween be for us fontaholics without a bevy of free distressed, scribbly, melty, and blackletter fonts from Dafont for all of our spooky-fun projects? I’ve chosen 13 of my favorites plus a dingbat font for your Halloween project planning pleasure.

Fonts by name: Undo35, Lugosi, Gipsiero, Old London, Spider Dingbat (from Monster Masher), Distro, A Font with Serifs, Infiltrace, Alias (I loved that show!), Nightmare5, Stamp Act, Inked God, Moony Cat, and Cloister Black.

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