2015 Calendars, Week One

Woo hoo, it’s calendar season!

I’m approaching my calendar roundups a little bit differently this year and, instead of having several roundups each week, I’ll be featuring my top 10 calendar picks of the week each Tuesday from now until, well, until I run out of craveable calendars. All of my top 2015 calendar picks, plus additional design picks, will be included in the 2015 Calendars Collection, so be sure to check back during the week to see the new additions.

And now, without further ado, here are my top 10 calendar picks for week one:

2015 Calendar Picks, Week One | Paper Crave

Above, clockwise from top left : Carol Farrell // Ditto Ditto Works // Stationery Bakery // Paper Lovely Press // Print Smitten // Clouds of Colour // mmmMAR // Hello Small World // 1Canoe2 // Blackbird Letterpress

images from their respective sources

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