Quick Picks : 1.22.15

2015 Copper Foil Print | Urbanic

The Urbanic 2015 Print (mmm … copper foil)

This Week’s PIcks

The White Paper Bar from Thomas Pink & James Cropper is incredible! Developed and built by Sam Robins of design studio, Flow Creation, the bar is made entirely from paper, including cocktail glasses, vases of flowers, and paper lamps. – via

♥ Speaking of incredible paper decor, check out these amazing cut paper decorations by Malinda Swain for Longwood Gardens’ Christmas display.

♥ I’m always up for a good Star Wars double entendre. Hee!

♥ Bella Figura’s 2015 wedding invitation collection is filled with gorgeousness.

♥ A totally hoppy “beer premiere” invitation by Wild Ink Press for Sierra Nevada.

image from Urbanic

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