Hygge Greeting Cards

Wow! These Hygge greeting cards at Lagom (UK) have just shot straight to the top of my wishlist. Hygge is a Danish word that, translated means “coziness” and “tranquility”, and that’s exactly what I’m feeling when I look at these. The tonal blue and white palette is perfect, reminiscent of Delftware, which I also love. I guess my blue obsession does, indeed, go beyond navy. Lagom ships worldwide, and I may be picking up several of these cards not only to give, but also to frame and hang on the wall.

Hygge Greeting Cards
Hygge Greeting Cards

images from Lagom

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2 comments on “Hygge Greeting Cards

  1. designjr commented //

    These are lovely especially the birds. The blues are so fresh!

  2. Julie commented //

    These are gorgeous. The first image reminds me of all the handpainted tiles in Portugal. Love, love, love.

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