2008 Eames Postage Stamps from USPS

Eames Postage Stamps

The U.S. Postal Service recently announced their 2008 commemorative stamp collections, including a 16 stamp collection commemorating the works of designers Charles and Ray Eames. The collection will honor the Eames’ groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture design, manufacturing, and photographic arts and is sure to bring modern designophiles all across the country to their local post offices to pick up some stamps.

image from U.S. Postal Service

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4 comments on “2008 Eames Postage Stamps from USPS

  1. amanda commented //

    I would like to buy some of the Charles and Ray Eames stamps, but unfortunately I live in England and cannot get hold of any as the postal service will not ship outside of the US.

    Can anyone suggest where I might get hold of some?

  2. Jim Cassidy commented //

    I have several sheets. As a huge fan of Charles Eames, I’d be glad to send you one. Let me know where.
    Jim Cassidy

  3. Paul chatelier commented //

    Hi there.

    Please could somebody let me know where I can
    buy these eames stamps from?! I live in the uk and am a
    designer and would love these on my desk framed

    Many thanks


  4. ben reeve commented //

    I am trying to buy the eames stamps for my girl, for her birthday, here in England, but don’t seem to be able to buy them from anywhere.

    Has anyone any suggestions please?


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