Zodiac Art Prints by A Grape Design

Scorpio Illustrated Zodiac Art Print | A Grape Design / Anna Grape

Let’s start the week off on a quirky note, shall we? I’m really digging illustrator Anna Grape’s zodiac art prints, which are filled with sweet and unique creatures that represent each of the astrological signs. These totally adorable art prints would make terrific gifts for quirky illustration-loving friends and family, and they’d look adorable on a nursery wall, too.

Check out all of the sweet, illustrated goodies in the A Grape Design shop, and be sure to head on over to Anna Grape’s website to see more of her work.

Illustrated Zodiac Art Prints | A Grape Design / Anna Grape

images from A Grape Design

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One thought on “Zodiac Art Prints by A Grape Design

  1. Rachel commented //

    I’m not really into star signs at all but these are so cute!

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