Yulia Brodskaya Paper Illustration

Yulia Brodskaya Quilled Illustration

Oh, my goodness. Quilling is right up there with paper cutting as one of my favorite paper crafts, and my jaw just about hit the floor when I spotted the work of Yulia Brodskaya over at swissmiss. Yulia’s absolutely breathtaking work truly takes quilling to the next level. The detail, the color, the skill involved in these creations — I’m so inspired, and I hope that you will be, too.

images from Yulia Brodskaya

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4 comments on “Yulia Brodskaya Paper Illustration

  1. Melinda commented //

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen something so amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Heather van Breda commented //

    These are absolutely amazing!

  3. Kristin commented //

    Wow, this is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of… It’s so beautiful and deep, and I love it all!

    This person is a genius!

  4. B. commented //

    This is truly something new! I know that quilling isn’t new, but Yulia’s version of it is absolutely new. Wow! Just, WOW! B.

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