Weekly Wrap #39 : Fabric Covered Boxes

Weekly Wrap

Fabric Covered Boxes

I’m finally about to do some apartment decorating, and I love the idea of making fabric covered boxes to use as storage for papers and various odds and ends. Mixing and matching patterns to coordinate with your decor is a great way to make the boxes a decorative element, as well as a utilitarian one.

But uses for fabric covered boxes don’t stop with organization. I think that they’re a fantastic option for special gifts. I say “special” gifts because creating the boxes does take some time and effort  — you can certainly make one for any gift that you’d like — but it would be such a nice way to wrap a themed collection of smaller gifts or a special memento that you’re giving to a friend or loved one.

Check out the tutorial for the fabric covered boxes over at Country Living.

image from Country Living

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