Weekly Wrap #32 : Summer Lovin’

Weekly Wrap
Gingham Ribbon Gift Box Carolyn Roehm

This gift packaging idea from Carolyn Roehm is the perfect wrap for summertime gifts and favors, don’t you think? The baby blue and white gingham bow is the cherry on top, and the white silk flower and white on white patterned gift box are light, sunny, and beautiful.

You can purchase the favor size boxes from Carolyn Roehm (half off, too!), but if you need a custom size or something a little larger you could also use embossed scrapbooking/craft paper or even the embossed, paintable wallpaper adhered to cardstock to create your own gift and favor boxes.

image from Carolyn Roehm

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2 comments on “Weekly Wrap #32 : Summer Lovin’

  1. Xandra Zamora commented //

    This is lovely … and so sweet it made me want to comment!

  2. Jannie Funster commented //

    That IS so cute. Gingham is the ultimate summer fabric, I think!

    Fun to stumble on your blog.

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