Weekly Wrap #107 : New Grafika Designs

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Grafika Gift Wrap

Last year I featured 1973’s super awesome Grafika gift wrap collection, and I’m so excited to see that the line is growing! Several new designs have been added recently, and the new patterns are as bold and eye-catching as the originals. Great colors, too, including bright red, teal, yellow, bubblegum pink, and royal blue. If you want your gift to grab major attention, then these gift wrap designs are most definitely the way to go.

images from 1973

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One thought on “Weekly Wrap #107 : New Grafika Designs

  1. Slapdash commented //

    Love this wrap! Follow this blog on bloglovin, and never commented – but I stumbled on something pretttyy awesome about 1973 a while back and wanted to share. They’ve made a range of jotter books and post it notes and things out of their leftover wrap for Oxfam. Saw it in my local shop, really lovely. Love it when companies do clever thoughtful things like that 🙂

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