Weekly Wrap #10 : Oya Embellishments

Weekly Wrap

Oya Turkish Lace Embellishments

The embellishment on this gift packaging, created by F. Ceylan Erzen of packageinstyle, is truly a gift in and of itself. The simple but chic brown paper wrap is adorned with “oya”, also known as Turkish lace, the history of which is thought to date back as far as the 8th century B.C. to the Phrygians of Anatolia. So lovely and intricate.

image from F. Ceylan Erzen

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8 comments on “Weekly Wrap #10 : Oya Embellishments

  1. sabahnur commented //

    how adorable! i love Ceylan’s items.. All of them are special and stylish.. and this one! stunning

  2. Meltem commented //

    It’s very beautiful ! Love all items on her shop!

  3. Periay commented //

    Beautiful item..Ceylan’s items are so good..

  4. hande commented //

    packageinstyle is one of my favourite shop.. i love her style.. and again an amazing idea..

  5. Sema commented //

    Love Ceylan’s work… Very beautiful

  6. Liz commented //

    I would love to receive a gift so beautiful packaged!! I love all of Ceylan’s work!

  7. Tulay commented //

    What a lovely gift wrap! I love her shop!!!

  8. Susan Reaney commented //

    That is stunning!


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