Wedvert / Yoko Chapman DIY Templates

Update (February 2010) : As of January 2010, the PDFs do not seem to be available any longer, as the downloads are stopped upon attempt.

Wedvert Printables
Wedvert Printables

I’ve known about the beautiful Wedvert eco friendly wedding invitation line, designed by Yoko Chapman, but what I didn’t know was that Yoko has designed coordinating DIY templates for each of her invitation designs. When I spotted these gorgeous printables over at iDiY, I was floored! For each wedding invitation design, you can download (for free!) matching candle shade, envelope wrap, votive wrap, and fortune cookie templates to complete the look. I love that the fortune cookie templates also come with lots of different fortunes that you can place inside.

The possibilities are just about endless with these templates. For instance, I think that the fortune cookie templates would make great tags or even stickers / labels. Many thanks to Wedvert for creating and sharing!

images from Wedvert

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4 comments on “Wedvert / Yoko Chapman DIY Templates

  1. Debra Saba commented //

    We were so impressed with Yoko’s new line of invitations that we picked up the line for our studio. They are a must see and oh so lovely!!!!

  2. Jamee H commented //

    Hi! I love your blog!!! Do you by chance know where the download has gone? I attempted to download it but the source site is not coming up? Thanks!

  3. Sarah Whitfield commented //

    Yes – any help with getting the source website – it appears to be taken down! Disaster!!!

  4. The WedVert Team commented //

    Don’t fret! Those beautiful downloads will be available on on May 1st… along with new, free designs!!!

    The Team

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