Vintage Postage Stamp Postcards

Constellation & Co.’s new collection of letterpress printed postcards is a vintage stamp lover’s dream. The cards feature a gallery of uncancelled vintage stamps on one side and plenty of space to write your message on the other side. These postcards may be ready to mail, but I think I’d have a hard time actually sending one. I’d rather collect them all, frame them, and hang them on the wall!

Letterpress Postcards

Vintage Stamp Postcards

Uncancelled Vintage Stamps

Vintage Stamp Postcard

Constellation & Co. Postcards

images from Constellation & Co.

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2 comments on “Vintage Postage Stamp Postcards

  1. AJ commented //

    oh no! all those poor uncancelled stamps!

    this is a good idea though for displaying a few favorites from ones stamp collection.

  2. Renee Alam commented //

    I agree,who could mail those cards out with those lovely stamps on them…I’d keep them for myself or maybe I’d share with a loved one who also appreciates beautiful stamps. 🙂

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