Unique Geological Papercuts by Crafterall

Crafterall Lake Minnetonka

Oh, Crafterall, you had me at Lake Minnetonka. These beautiful, layered papercut pieces are actually bodies of water, including the aforementioned Lake Minnetonka, the Great Lakes, San Francisco Bay, and additional lakes and islands that become amazing works of art in the hands of Marnie Karger from Crafterall.

More beautiful details:

Lake Minnetonka Blue

Great Lakes Papercut

Crafterall Geological Papercuts

San Francisco Bay Papercut

images from Crafterall

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3 comments on “Unique Geological Papercuts by Crafterall

  1. Melissa commented //

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE those! What beautiful works of art. I’m off to do some more investigating of her work.

  2. Jessica commented //

    Those are beautiful – I would definitely get these for people as a house-warming gift.

  3. kathy b commented //

    I must have one of these! My husband will love it….for the wall….framed

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