Trendspotting : The Marbled Look

Modern marbled stationery first popped onto my radar last year, and I took note of it but wasn’t seeing the momentum that I like to see in order to call something a “trend”. Well, over the past few weeks, it has been tapping me on the shoulder and saying, “hey, lady, pay attention to me!” And I am.

Marbled paper brings to mind the endpapers of aged volumes sitting on the shelves of a library with rich, wood paneled rooms and centuries-old reading tables that are so solidly built that you couldn’t move them if you tried. But the new crop of marbled paper goods breathes fresh air into this classic look, using bright, bold color to display beautiful, veined patterns that look fantastic on everything from wedding stationery to notebooks.

For now, I’m calling this a mini-trend, but I hope to see it grow into something bigger because I’d love to see the direction in which it goes.

Trendspotting : The Marbled Look

Above, clockwise from top left : Hello Tenfold // The Social Type // Paper Source // Natalie Stopka for Design*Sponge // Kelli Hall for Minted // Katie Leamon // Natalie As Is

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2 comments on “Trendspotting : The Marbled Look

  1. Ann Martin commented //

    Yes-yes! I’ve been noticing marbling too, and think it’s so pretty and definitely a trend. I have it in mind to make marbled paper jewelry one day soon.

  2. kristen commented //

    Glad you’ve been noticing this trend, too, Ann. I love the idea of marbled paper jewelry!

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