The Yolk Folk and The Carrot Crew

Mibo Paper Toys

I first spotted The Yolk Folk over at How About Orange, and I think that they, along with their brethren, The Carrot Crew, are completely awesome. All of these super fun paper toys are available as downloads from the oh so clever paper toy masters, Mibo. You can purchase each set separately for about $4, or purchase both sets together for $6.25. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t share The Yolk Folk names: Cluck Gable, Eggory Peck, and Sophia Le Hen. I told you — awesome!

images from Mibo

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One thought on “The Yolk Folk and The Carrot Crew

  1. Hip Hip Gin Gin commented //

    So cute! I don’t usually decorate for Easter but these guys I would want for sure!! If only so I could tell people about my “yolk folk”!

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