The World Made of Cardboard

Cardboard France

How amazing is this? Independent web designer and Paper Crave reader, Melody Chou, recently had the chance to work as part of a design team at Taiwan-based Medialand to create a mind-blowingly awesome paper project for their client, clothing company Giordano. The client had already been using cardboard in their promotional materials, and the team used the material to develop entire cities made of cardboard!

Taiwan, France, England, Italy, America, China, Japan, and Spain were all given the “cardboard treatment” as part of Giordano’s “Say Hi to the World!” concept, and I’m simply blown away by the detail in all of the cardboard creations.

Cardboard France

Cardboard Taiwan

Cardboard China

Cardboard Tower of Pisa

Cardboard Italy

It’s a cardboard double-decker bus!

Cardboard England

London Cardboard

images from Melody Chou

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8 comments on “The World Made of Cardboard

  1. Nicole : Three By Sea commented //

    I love when simple materials are used to create such amazing, fun things such as this. Kind of makes me want to create a cardboard town with my son for his Matchbox cars.

  2. jackie commented //

    So wonderful! That Tower of Pisa and Tour Eiffel are SO charming. It all is. Very inspiring.

  3. rooth commented //

    How fantastique. The fact that each of the iconic buildings is saying Hi makes it that much better!

  4. Obaob commented //

    So cute 😀

  5. Christy Pepper commented //

    This totally reminds me of Michel Gondry!!! Love it.
    …and fireworks made of black light paint?! So clever.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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  7. Ginger Kid commented //

    I love cardboard!

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