The Fairy Tale Collection

Fairy Tale Collection

I am completely enamored with every single gorgeous card in Karolin Schnoor’s Fairy Tale collection. Each card is a little work of art and features Karolin’s evocative take on a classic fairy tale, and the letterpress printed cards feature rich, black ink, complimented beautifully by gold foil stamping. Cards are available individually or as a set, and I think that they would make a wonderful wall art grouping.

Snow White Letterpress Card

Snow White

Little Red Riding Hood Letterpress Card

Little Red Riding Hood

Sleeping Beauty Letterpress Card

Sleeping Beauty

Rapunzel Letterpress Card


Cinderella Letterpress Card


Rumpelstiltskin Letterpress Card


images from Karolin Schnoor

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One thought on “The Fairy Tale Collection

  1. Michelle commented //

    These are absolutely beautiful. Interesting how many of the characters appear to be trapped in interiors – the wolf, the apple, the tower. Thanks for sharing these!

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