Sweet Beets Printable Birthday Invitations

I’m loving this printable Space Birthday Party Invitation set by Sweetbeets. The set includes a customizable space party invitation, a thank you note, and a sheet with rocketships that you can use for party activities, favor tags, cupcake toppers, or even stickers. With all of the recent excitement about the latest space shuttle mission, I’m sure that there are many kids who would love to have a space theme at their birthday parties!

Pictures of the space invitation set, which you can purchase at the Sweetbeets Etsy shop:

Sweet Beets Printable Invitations
Sweet Beets Printable Invitations

images from Sweetbeets

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2 comments on “Sweet Beets Printable Birthday Invitations

  1. Lisa commented //

    Thank you so much for featuring the first of my new series of printable invitations!

  2. Melissa Sunde commented //

    Wow really cute designs. I think that this a great idea and fun for the kids to help plan and prepare for their party! Super cute!!

    Uptown Creations

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