Suzy Ultman’s Adorable Fox Letterpress Wedding Invites

I am such a big fan of Suzy Ultman’s work and always look forward to her collaborations with Igloo Letterpress. So, naturally, I was in paper and illustration and letterpress-loving heaven when Suzy shared two recent collaborative projects (tune in on Thursday to see the second), one of which was her absolutely adorable, fox-themed letterpress wedding stationery and the coordinating wedding decorations, which reignited my love for shrinky dinks.

Adorable Fox Letterpress Wedding Invitations | Suzy Ultman (Design) + Igloo Letterpress (Printing)

Suzy shares the fun and foxy details:

My partner and I both enjoy being part of the creative process, so coming up with the vibe of our wedding was a team effort from start to finish. We penned a long to-do list, met once a week over date night, and set off with planning the festive, fox-filled celebration.

The invitation was the first order of business. The fox bride and groom characters were inspired by our backyard. About two years ago, we had a mischievous, red fox visit our yard for the first time. An entire family has since moved into the neighborhood, and we keep track of their comings and goings. The remaining invitation icons – sun, moon, lighthouse, ship, hot air balloon, and other illustrations – all tell mini stories that have special meaning to us.

Fox Shrinky Dink Charms | Suzy Ultman

Suzy returned to her shrinky dink roots for the reception table settings, baking small charms with each guest’s name and a corresponding boy or girl fox. The charms were attached to napkins and placed on top of handmade menus.

In addition, Suzy created super sweet cake toppers from shrinky dinks, which are now available in her Etsy shop (yay!). The shrinky dink material allowed her to play with the topper’s shape and content, while maintaining a clean, modern look. Other lovely, coordinating wedding details included love-struck candles, flag-topped cupcakes, modern ivy banners, and even tulips, a nod to her adopted homeland of Holland.

Suzy Ultman's Lovely Wedding Decorations

images from Suzy Ultman

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