Stationery and Greeting Card Workshop

Rock Scissor Paper Stationery and Greeting Card Workshop

If you’re interested in the ins and outs of running a stationery and/or greeting card business and are in the Los Angeles area (or you will be in late September), you won’t want to miss this workshop given by sister team, Heidi and Susie Bauer, of the wonderful Rock Scissor Paper.

The one day class will examine the industry from top to bottom and will cover topics such as developing a product line, licensing, printing and production techniques, design trends, sourcing suppliers, promotion, pricing, and much more. For more information, check this out. And to find out more about Heidi and Susie and Rock Scissor Paper, check out this great interview at My Wooden Robot.

I’m not so secretly hoping that this workshop is such as success that Heidi and Susie will take it on the road and hold a workshop in Boston, because I’d be there in a hot minute!

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One thought on “Stationery and Greeting Card Workshop

  1. Laurie commented //

    Jealous! I can’t get to LA, but if this ever makes it way to NY count me in!

    Even an online version would be awesome.

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