Spring Patterned Cards from Smile Lifestyle

I first featured Smile Lifestyle’s collection of patterned letterpress cards back in February, and I know that many of us (myself included) got a big kick out of their unique combination of pattern and clever sentiments, so I’m very glad to be able to share that they recently released their new spring collection. The new cards are grouped into three themesIn the Kitchen, Wildlife, and Fresh Market and there are lots of great patterns and smile-inducing sentiments to be found!

Letterpress Patterned Greeting Cards

In the Kitchen Letterpress Cards

Strawberry Letterpress Card

Smile Lifestyle Greeting Cards

images from Smile Lifestyle

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3 comments on “Spring Patterned Cards from Smile Lifestyle

  1. ania @ papercutworks commented //

    i’m a sucker for cute love cards – always have a little stash waiting for that next special day. “strawberry much” needs to be in there!

  2. Rebecca commented //

    Love the “Hip-Hipporay” card! How clever!

  3. Renee commented //

    I love their cards. I have a few from them and everyone I pass them out too giggles at their little phrases. So clever:)

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