Shaz Madani

Shaz Madani

I recently spotted the work of designer Shaz Madani over at Share Some Candy, and it was love at first sight. I’m completely enamored with the campaign that Shaz put together for Arctic Paper, which features multi-layered paper cuts with a fantastic textural feel. The rest of Shaz’s portfolio is awesome, too. You can check it out here, and below are more images from the Arctic Paper campaign:

Shaz Madani

Shaz Madani

Shaz Madani

images from Shaz Madani

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4 comments on “Shaz Madani

  1. Erin commented //

    Wow, great work!

  2. mrYen commented //

    I love cut paper, as that’s what I do too and these are just amazing! I love the layers and pure white!

  3. chaitanya k commented //

    i love this… a lot!

    although i can’t really understand how its environmentally responsible as a medium

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