Funny Happy Birthday Cards

We all need a good laugh on our birthdays, especially as we start getting to the age where we really don’t want to talk about our age. Here are six funy (sometimes darkly so) happy birthday cards that will undoubtedly

Happy Birthday Cards

I am well overdue for a roundup of birthday cards, which is actually very good because I’ve spotted oodles of super cool birthday greetings in my recent web travels, and they’ve been beckoning to me from my birthday card bookmarks

Birthday Cards for Him

Happy Birthday King/Queen Letterpress Card | Paper Bandit Press I’m always on the lookout for great, guy-friendly birthday greetings, and this little collection has plenty of designs that will bring smiles to the faces of the dudes in your life.

Maginating Birthday Cards

These sweet birthday cards from Maginating give me a great big smile, which is quite the feat on a Monday morning. But how could I resist when we’re talking magical birthday narwhals and unicorns, festive cowboy boots and calculators and,