Review : Teach Yourself to Papercut by Mr Yen Designs

Teach Yourself to Papercut Ebook by Mr Yen Designs

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As a papercutting enthusiast and longtime fan of Jonathan Chapman’s (aka Mr. Yen’s) papercut art, I was so excited when he recently released his first ebook, Teach Yourself to Papercut.

I’ve dabbled a bit in papercutting, but it’s always intimidated me to the point that I’ve never done anything more than a simple cut here or there, and one of the awesome things about this ebook is that Jonathan lays everything out in a way that’s not intimidating at all. His love for the art of papercutting is obvious, as is his desire to help others learn many of the tips, tricks, and secrets that he has during his six years as a papercutting artist.

Papercutting Template Guide | Mr Yen Designs

As you work your way through Teach Yourself to Papercut, you’ll learn about the specific tools and supplies that Jonathan uses, and you’ll also be able to hone your own papercutting skills with several tutorials that take you from cutting basic shapes to more complex projects, like letters and a beautiful, papercut butterfly.

Papercut Letters Template | Mr Yen Designs

Printable templates are included in the ebook, and I like that Jonathan has provided a number of different sizes and layout options in the more basic templates. For example, when you’re learning to cut squares, you’ll have the chance to practice cutting a large square, a small square, grouped squares, and overlapping squares, which will help you build your skills and confidence as you imagine the different ways in which you can incorporate the shape into your own projects in different layouts and configurations. Jonathan shares many helpful tips throughout and, at times, I almost felt like he was right there in-person, saying, “you can do this!”

Papercut Butterfly Template | Mr Yen Designs

In addition to helpful tips and tricks, Jonathan also shares a number of inspirational ideas and gives examples of how he has been able to use his skills in real life contexts. In the Deluxe Edition, he also shows you how to frame your papercut art, which is quite useful if you plan on hanging your creations or giving them as gifts, and he shows you how you can incorporate papercut details into your handmade gift wrapping projects. Plus, the resources section in the book will help you find even more places to pick up ideas and inspiration.

Teach Yourself to Papercut is a great resource for anyone who, like me, is interested in developing his or her papercutting skills but may feel somewhat intimidated by what’s involved. I’ve learned so much from this ebook and have been inspired to work on my own skills without being afraid of the process.

You can find out more and pick up your copy of Teach Yourself to Papercut, the Normal or the Deluxe Edition, in the Mr. Yen shop.

images from Mr Yen Designs

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