Retro Kitchen-Themed Bridal Shower Invites

Retro Kitchen Bridal Shower Invitations

What do you get when you cross icy teal blue and cherry red with a fun, retro kitchen-themed pattern? You get these awesome, housewife-y bridal shower invitations that Jenn Lane designed for Rachael’s celebration, of course! Just one look at this domestic design makes me want to bake cookies. Mmm…cookies.

Retro Bridal Shower Invitations

Jenn Lane Custom Bridal Shower Invites

Retro Registry Card

photos by Rachael Nicole Photography

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4 comments on “Retro Kitchen-Themed Bridal Shower Invites

  1. Salt + Pepper Press commented //

    Love the color combo!! Hello Mad Men bridal shower. Love it.

  2. Molly Smith commented //

    These are over the top! Jenn is very clever. Oh I hope my daughter gets married soon, must-haves! Thanks for sharing. ~Molly

  3. Julie S. commented //

    These are clever AND adorable – great find!!

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