Quick Picks : 6.9.16

DIY "Stained Glass" Unicorn from Oh Happy Day

DIY “Stained Glass” Unicorn from Oh Happy Day

This Week’s Picks

♥ The perfect houseplant for anyone with a brown thumb.

♥ Learn how to make your own custom stamps with the Silhouette Mint (aff.) in this video tutorial.

♥ I discovered paper artist Liz Sofield on Instagram this week and, wow, her work is incredible!

♥ These Enamel Pin Greeting Cards from Genuine Haha are pretty darn funny.

♥ Attention paper quillers! Instructables recently launched their 2016 Quilling Contest, and there’s still plenty of time to enter your quilled creations.

image from Oh Happy Day

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2 comments on “Quick Picks : 6.9.16

  1. elizabeth commented //

    That plant is adorable! And possibly right up my alley. I so long to be a master gardener, and managed to kill a basic Mother-in-Law’s tongue… Gah!

  2. kristen commented //

    I totally understand, elizabeth. I once killed a cactus! How is that even possible? Here’s to both of us having green thumbs one day!

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