Quick Picks : 4.9.15

Owl Spiral Bound Notebook by Honizukle

Owls Spiral Bound Notebook by Honizukle (the perfect paper gift for any owl lover)

This Week’s Picks

Pei Design has released several new cards for Spring 2015, and they are so sweet.

♥ Kitty cat paper clips? Um, yes. Don’t worry, dog lovers, there are paper clips for you, too.

♥ This paper sculpture by Julianna Szabo is amazing!

♥ These DIY retro paint can favors are such a cute idea. Free printable labels included.

Stay wild.

image from Honizukle Press

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2 comments on “Quick Picks : 4.9.15

  1. Kimberly commented //

    Thanks so much for featuring my Owl Notebook. I’ve sort of got a crush on it and it’s so great to see it here! 🙂 Owl wrapping paper coming soon!

  2. kristen commented //

    Sure thing, Kimberly! I’ve kind of got a crush on it, too. Owl wrapping paper?! I cannot wait for that!

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