Quick Picks : 10.30.14

Free Printable Circus Freak Show Paper Craft | Crush

Free Printable Circus Freak Show Paper Craft by Theresa Rohrer / Crush (awesome!)

This Week’s Picks

♥ Lovin’ these cute, new notepads from Wit & Whistle.

♥ Check out this wonderful set of 3D paper seeds and pods by Sheri McCulley, and learn how to make a paper walnut, too!

♥ A gorgeous wedding invitation suite by Bliss & Bone for an inspirational elopement shoot. – via

♥ Ack! Such a super cool monster ticket booth by Eunice Moyle of Hello! Lucky.

image from Crush

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2 comments on “Quick Picks : 10.30.14

  1. Melissa Egan commented //

    Thanks for sharing the company I work for (crush) paper craft! The artist of these is named Theresa Rohrer and she’s crazy talented 🙂

  2. kristen commented //

    My pleasure, Melissa! The circus paper craft is incredible, and I just updated the post to credit Theresa. Thanks for letting me know!

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