Quick Picks : 10.15.15

Latte Card by 9th Letter Press

Latte Card by 9th Letter Press (ha – so clever!)

This Week’s Picks

Chris Piascik takes us through his process of brainstorming, illustrating, and refining his lettering in this great video tutorial, an excerpt from his CreativeLive class.

♥ Check out the fun, new Candy Corn Citizens paper toys from Dewmuffins. They’re all super cute, but my fave has to be the little scarecrow.

♥ Hallmark just launched Ink & Main (the early edition), their new collection of print-on-demand stationery and greeting cards. Lots of fun designs over there and plenty more coming soon!

♥ Spooky, printable Stick O’ Treats, a fun and healthy alternative to candy for all of the little ghosts and goblins that will be knocking at your door on Halloween.

♥ Ooh, lovin’ these watercolor biz cards.

image from 9th Letter Press

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