Printable Folded Valentines from Oinge Shop

Printable Paper Airplaine Valentine / Love Card

These printable folded and origami-style valentines from Oinge Shop are seriously sweet. I’m totally digging the range of designs that they offer, which include punny cat and dog cards, a love boat card, cards that look like the notes that we used to pass around in school (long, long ago), and (my favorite) a darling paper airplane card (above).

Be sure to check out Oinge Shop on Etsy to see all of their fun and interactive cards!

DIY Origami Cat & Dog Valentines from Oinge Shop

DIY Folded School Note Valentines from Oinge Shop

DIY Origami Love Boat Valentine Card by Oinge Shop

images from Oinge Shop

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2 comments on “Printable Folded Valentines from Oinge Shop

  1. Youn commented //

    Wow! So flattered to be featured on your beautiful blog! I’ve been a fan for awhile but never imagined I’d see my own work here. Thank you so much for making my day!!

  2. kristen commented //

    It was my pleasure, Youn, and thanks for stopping by. 🙂 Your work is so fun and clever!

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