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6.9.2011 4 Comments

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this adorable prints by Amaranta Martinez of Piktorama. Amaranta, a Venezualan illustrator, created Piktorama as a place where her playful style could come to life, and come to life it has! You can check out Amaranta’s full portfolio over at Piktorama, and here’s a sampling of the super cute art prints that you can find in her shop:

Piktorama Letterpress Print

Birdies Letterpress Print, created for The Working Proof

Cupcakes Print

Cupcake Flavors Screenprint

Matrioshka Dolls Print

Matrioshkas Screenprint

Tea Time Screenprint

Tea Time Screenprint

images from Piktorama

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4 Responses to “Piktorama Prints”

  1. Piancita says:

    Lovely! Piktorama it’s always making more an more beautiful things!

  2. Sol Pol says:

    Piktorama!!! This is great! Me encanta!

  3. Mercedes says:

    Thanks for posting these beautiful prints! <3

  4. Carina says:

    these are adorable with such a whimsical touch.

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