Paper Quilt Wall Art

Apartment Therapy Paper Quilt

I caught this Reader’s Art post over at the Apartment Therapy blog the other day and thought it was such an inspirational idea. As the creator of the paper quilt wall art pointed out, the ultra popular wall decals aren’t within everyone’s budget, and creating your own paper wall art is a much more budget-friendly way to spruce up a non-permanent space.

They created a snazzy paper quilt, but the possibilities for a project like this are endless. Since you’re the one making the art, you can customize colors to match your color scheme and designs to fit your interests. Maybe a wall of pretty botanicals or a more intricate patterned design?

image from Apartment Therapy

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    Greetings from DelightfulBlogs,

    I am so sorry that it took me this long to check out your lovely blog but I just added it to the delighfublogs directory. Your posts and images are just wonderful (makes me want to buy everything and get out the pen not the mouse) and I’m sure the gals (and guys) who visit the site will love discovering it.

    Lynda K.

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