Paper Cake Gift Card Holder by Tracey Mason

Paper Cake Gift Card Holder Tracey Mason

Can you believe that every element, minus the mini pinecones and berries, in this breathtaking cake is made out of paper? Pretty amazing, isn’t it? The incredibly talented creator of this beautifully handcrafted wedding treasure, which doubles as a gift card holder, is Tracey Mason, and I bow to her paper crafting greatness.

Tracey was inspired to create the cake when she found out that one of her good friend’s sons was getting married, and she kept the theme and colors for their wintry Utah wedding in mind as she created each detail. How honored the bride and groom must have been to receive this on their special day.

Paper Cake Wedding Decoration

Tracey also created a coordinating card, embellished with the couple’s initials:

Winter Wedding Card

images from Tracey Mason

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4 comments on “Paper Cake Gift Card Holder by Tracey Mason

  1. THoward commented //

    THE most incredible piece of paper craft EVAH!
    I bow to her awesomeness!

  2. Kori commented //

    My brother and his new wife were the recipients of this amazing cake and can I just say we all gasped, oohed, and aahed when we saw it! Tracey, you are truly amazing!

  3. Nicole commented //

    Simply gorgeous.

  4. Kitty commented //

    Such a fresh, beautiful idea! I can’t stop admiring the details on the paper cake.

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