Laura Crow Bunny Cards and Art Prints

Laura Crow Bunny Cards

These Peter Cotton Tail bunny cards from Laura Crow are the sweetest, with their fuzzy pom pom tails. Tee hee, the fuzzy tails make me giggle. The cards also come in pink with white tails and would be perfect for Easter and spring.

In addition to being a creator of cute cards, Laura is also a photographer, and she has made some of her beautiful art prints available for purchase:

Laura Crow Art Print
Laura Crow Art Print

images from Laura Crow

Haute Note Personalized Social Stationery

Haute Note Personalized Social Stationery
Haute Note Personalized Social Stationery
Haute Note Personalized Social Stationery

Just the idea of having my own personalized social stationery makes me feel posh. Haute Note, a Canadian company that offers a modern take on the tradition, has many elegant designs that feature everything from animal patterns (love the zebra!) to celebratory illustrations to kitchen tools. I love the unique fold on their Haute Note signature cards, too.

Shop by style or occasion and add personalized information like your name, a special phrase or announcement, etc. You can turn Haute Note’s stationery into whatever you’d like — moving announcements, wedding invitations, or simply notes to friends.

Styles pictured above, from top to bottom: Eucalyptus, Kaleidoscope, and Coral.
images from Haute Note

Charlyn Koo Glitzy & Golden and Autumn After Rain Stationery

Charlyn Koo Glitzy and Golden Stationery
Charlyn Koo Autumn After Rain Stationery

I’m digging Charlyn Koo’s new stationery lines. The elegant metallics and nature inspired illustrations of the Glitzy & Golden (pictured top) collection are so pretty that they’d make wonderful framed wall art, and I love the whimsical illustrations and energetic color gradients in the Autumn After Rain (pictured bottom) collection which, come to think of it, would also make beautiful framed wall art. I’d feel quite special if I received a greeting or correspondence on this stationery.

Selections from the Charlyn Koo stationery line are available in a number of shops and online at The Succulent Wife.

images from Charlyn Koo

Wedding Paper Month Comes to an End

Focus on Wedding Paper, 2007 Edition

I hope that everyone enjoyed a March filled with wedding paper features at Paper Crave. The number of individuals and businesses creating absolutely beautiful and unique wedding items is amazing, and I can’t believe that March is already over because, though I spent an entire month featuring wedding items, I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface. Let’s just say that I’ll definitely be featuring plenty of wedding items in the future.

I hope that you were as inspired as I was!