Deadly Squire Sketchbook Journals

Deadly Squire Sketchbook Journals

Around this time of the year, I always start thinking about what types of things I’d like to improve upon in the coming year. One of the tasks that’s always on my list is becoming more organized. Ah, the things that I could accomplish if I wasn’t always looking around for my to do lists, which are strewn about the house on random pieces of paper, napkins, and old receipts.

My point? These stylish journals from Deadly Squire would be perfect for keeping to do lists, recording project ideas and notes, and generally keeping better track of things. Love the logo dagger detail on the spines!

Black Birds After the Harvest and Wandering Oak patterns shown above. Available from orange lola for $30 each.

images from orange lola

O Plus D Holiday Cards

O Plus D Holidays Nice

Great colors and wonderful modern graphical elements on these holiday cards from the O Plus D “Holidays Nice” collection.

However, we’re not always feeling nice at the holidays. If this is the case, check out some of the cards in the “Holidays Naughty” collection. WARNING: PG-13 language below!

O Plus D Holidays Naughty

All cards shown are $3.75 each at O Plus D.

images from O Plus D