Navy Blue Notes Greeting Cards

I’m always up for a little snark, and Kathy from Navy Blue Notes had me the moment she told me that she likes to inject a bit of twisted humor into every greeting that she creates. The Navy Blue Notes shop features cheeky greetings that are meant to give you a little smile and a chuckle on the roller coaster that is life, and the humorless, well, the cards are simply meant to antagonize them. And who doesn’t enjoy antagonizing the humorless? It’s just so easy, but make sure that they don’t have a baseball bat or a fly swatter or something when you antagonize them. That could get ugly.

Navy Blue Notes Greeting Cards

Navy Blue Notes Greeting Cards

Navy Blue Notes Greeting Cards

Navy Blue Notes Greeting Cards

images from Navy Blue Notes

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5 comments on “Navy Blue Notes Greeting Cards

  1. Trish commented //

    Wit and creativity, that’s what I think Navy Blue Notes is all about! Just visited the site. Have the spunk to send a note that conveys your true feelings! These cards are great and very original. Especially love the wine tags. Just bought a couple. Hilarious!

    Thanks for featuring this talented artist! Our world could use a few more…

  2. Mike commented //

    As a theatre artist I’m always on the look-out for something original to send to performers and collaborators. These cards are just what i’ve been looking for, something heartfelt, with just the right amount of humour. Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. Ellen commented //

    “Cheeky greetings”. What a wonderful description! Had to see what the website offered and found the cards suit my sense of humor to a tee. Great find!

    Thanks a bunch.

  4. Marie commented //

    Awesome, finally greeting cards with originality. Wine tags are a great idea, I look forward to using many of them. Well done Navy Blue Notes

  5. Jonathan Frei commented //

    This is really a beautiful collection. I’m not sure my family would get the humor in these, so no Mother’s day card here. But my friends would get a kick out of them. Especially the “Holy Crap, we had a good time”, one

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