National Stationery Show 2009 Exhibitor List

5.13.2009 10 Comments
National Stationery Show

It’s almost time for the 2009 National Stationery Show, which starts this weekend at the Javits Convention Center in New York City. I won’t be attending this year, but if you’re a paper lover and you’re in the area, then you have to drop by to check out all of the beautiful paper goodies that will be on exhibit.

I’ve already seen a few sneak peaks — Yellow Owl Workshop and Sub-Studio over at design*sponge, and Elum at Style Me Pretty — and if these are any indication of the awesomeness that will be on display at the NSS this year, then you’d better brace yourself to be overcome by the paper cravings!

For those of you who will be attending the show, I’ve compiled the list below. These would be my must see booths if I were going to the show (and the show would have to last at least a week for me to get to all of them, I’m sure!), and I’m very thankful to all of you who have contacted me to let me know where you’re going to be. Have a great time, everyone!

9 Spot Monk    :    Booth #2862
Albertine Press    :    Booth #1934
Blue Barnhouse    :    Booth #2456
Blue Ribbon Letterpress   :   Booth #3649
Bob’s Your Uncle    :    Booth #3237
Checkerboard Ltd.   :   Booth #3302
Chewing the Cud   :   Booth #2158
Chronicle Books    :    Booth #3550
Dauphine Press    :    Booth #2536
Delphine Studio    :    Booth #3327
Dutch Door Press    :    Booth #1746
Ecojot    :    Booth #2744
Egg Press    :    Booth #2252
eieio    :    Booth #1736
Elum    :    Booth #3013
Emma J    :    Booth #1550
A Fresh Bunch, featuring Artful Sentiments, Evy Jacob, Fin + Roe, Demby + Solomon, Lucky Star, Hen and Barley    :    Booth #2547
Fugu Fugu Press    :    Booth #1456
Galison    :    Booth #2521
Gilah Press + Design    :    Booth #2159
Hambly Screen Prints    :    Booth #1245
Hammerpress    :    Booth #1641
Hello! Lucky    :    Booth #1434
Ilee Papergoods    :    Booth #1858
In Good Company    :    Booth #2241-2243
Inviting Company   :   Booth #2654
Jacki Paper    :    Booth #1936
Kelp Designs    :    Booth #2070
Linda & Harriett    :    Booth #2059
Mincing Mockingbird and The Frantic Meerkat   :    Booth #1733
Oblation Paper    :    Booth #3513
Old School Stationers    :    Booth #1551
Pancake & Franks    :    Booth #1741
Paper Stories    :    Booth #1842
Pearl & Marmalade    :    Booth #1653
Peppertree Design    :    Booth #2955
Piebird Press   :   Booth #2049
Pikku    :    Booth #2048
Rag & Bone Bindery    :    Booth #3635,#3637
Red Cap Cards    :    Booth #1963
Robin Beth    :    Booth #3113
Sesame Letterpress   :   Booth #3227
Smitten Kitten    :    Booth #3251
Smock    :    Booth #2741
Smudge Ink    :    Booth #2531
Snow & Graham    :    Booth #3620
Sub-studio    :    Booth #1933
SusyJack    :    Booth #1847
Sycamore Street Press    :    Booth #1553
Tam Tam Design   :   Booth #1930
TapeSwell    :    Booth #1529
Tiselle    :    Booth #2063
Treeo    :    Booth #1549
Two Piglets    :    Booth #1935
Two Trick Pony    :    Booth #1554
Whimsy Press    :    Booth #3068
Whitney English    :    Booth #3408
Yellow Owl Workshop    :    Booth #1558

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10 Responses to “National Stationery Show 2009 Exhibitor List”

  1. simplesong says:

    Thanks so much for this! Just what I need!

  2. Thanks so much for including us in your round-up. If you are attending the show, please do stop by and say hello!

  3. Robin Beth says:

    And don’t forget Robin Beth, booth #3113, featured here on Paper Crave just last week!

  4. kristen says:

    My apologies, Robin! I know that you were on my original list. I must’ve made the error when I translated my original list to this post. You’re there now!

  5. erin says:

    This is SO great! Thank you! I’m attending the show for the first time and C-A-N N-O-T W-A-I-T!

  6. Robin Beth says:

    Thanks, Kristen for the update, I appreciate it. We will miss not seeing you there!

  7. jacki paper says:

    hi kristen,

    so nice of you to put us on the list. thanks a gajillion.

  8. Thank you for including us! We can’t wait to see everyone.

  9. Liz says:

    Thanks for the mention! We set up tomorrow!! Good luck to everyone exhibiting. And attending — wear comfy shoes!!

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