My Bohemian Summer Origami Bouquets

Origami Flower Bouquet

I am completely in awe of these handmade origami bouquets at My Bohemian Summer. Can you believe that these roses are made of paper? Wow. Summer Skillman, the origami artist who creates these beautiful bouquets, also creates origami flower favors and embellishments that are a wonderfully creative choice for bridal showers, weddings, and even for gift wrap embellishments. Here’s a little more origami eye candy from My Bohemian Summer, and you can check out all of the available bouquets and favors at Summer’s Etsy shop.

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Bohemian Summer Origami Flower Bouquet

Bohemian Summer Origami Flower Bouquet

Bohemian Summer Origami Flower Bouquet

images from My Bohemian Summer / Summer Skillman

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4 comments on “My Bohemian Summer Origami Bouquets

  1. Julie commented //

    These are beautiful!

  2. Adriel commented //

    These are just incredible!

  3. Alena commented //

    Ohhhh i loooove! Those are gorgeous!

  4. michele commented //

    Stunning work..I thought the flowers were real at first glance. These would be great for a tea party or any party.

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