Moving Day

Moving Day (photo credit : John Allison)

Tomorrow is a big day. After years of researching and planning and saving and coveting real estate from afar, my husband and I are leaving Boston, our home for the past 13 years, and returning to the wilds of western Pennsylvania. The past few months have been a roller coaster of excitement, apprehension, anticipation, fear, anxiety, and about a thousand other emotions but, no matter how many ups and downs there have been, I cannot express just how much I’m looking forward to this move.

Living in the city has been an amazing experience, one that I wouldn’t trade for the world, but in our hearts we know that we belong in the country and cannot wait to get back a place where we can take long walks in the woods, stargaze, plant a garden, and have lots of kitty cats … and maybe a couple of chickens, too!

I hope that you’ll understand if my posts are a bit sporadic over the next few weeks, as we get settled into our temporary home and dive in to the house hunting process. But I do have plenty of paper cravings scheduled for the coming week, at least, so please stay tuned and I’ll see you back here live on the flipside.

photo credit : John Allison

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10 comments on “Moving Day

  1. rooth commented //

    Best of luck on your move and can’t wait to hear about your new home

  2. kristen commented //

    Thanks so much, rooth! And thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment. I appreciate it!

  3. Linnette commented //

    Such an exciting adventure! Good luck Kristen! 🙂

  4. ellza commented //

    Good luck with this serious decision & I’ll be waiting again for new posts from another side of Your country, Never said before, but papercrave since I found it some four years ago givs me a lot of inspiration. Thanx for this job!

  5. Diane Tompkins commented //

    So glad to hear about your move, Kristen. “Know your own happiness.” as the wise Jane Austen said.

  6. Brandi Powell commented //

    That is so amazing – congratulations!!! I would love to move to the country. It is beautiful and much more quiet and relaxing than the city!!!

    Good Luck with the move!

    xoxo – Brandi

  7. Erin @ Vale Design commented //

    YEAH!! Congrats!! Was wondering how the house hunting went. Cheers to a new path friend!

  8. Kimberly commented //

    Congratulations Kristen! Having just moved myself (within the same state) I know it can be a hectic time, but here’s to a smooth move and a wonderful new home to you both. Lots of luck!

  9. kristen commented //

    Thank you, everyone, for the inspiring words and well wishes! Fingers crossed that this is a smooth move. 😉

  10. Shayla commented //

    My sister lives in a small town in PA and I love going to visit her. Having her just a 3 hour drive away is a blessing. 🙂

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