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9.26.2012 2 Comments

Michele Temblay Paper Flowers

Sunflower #1 (imported French paper, archival glue – 48″ in diameter)

Michele Tremblay has years of experience as both a fine artist and a floral designer, and she has brought these two worlds together to create “My Delightful Mission”, a collection of elegantly crafted, large scale paper flower sculptures.

Each scuplture is made from exquisite, imported archival paper that Michele bends, twists, cuts, folds, colors, and glues to create her beautiful paper flowers. From the ethereal beauty of Diaphanous to the lash-like stamen of Tiger Flower, the love and care put into these pieces shows in each small detail.

Diaphanous Paper Flower

Diaphanous (acid free vellum, archival glue – 48″ in diameter)

Rose Paper Sculpture

Blue Rose (imported watercolor paper, archival glue, watercolor – 15″ in diameter)

Rose Paper Sculpture

Rose 1 (imported French paper, archival glue – 48″ in diameter)

Tiger Flower Paper Sculpture

Tiger Flower (imported French paper, archival glue, watercolor – 8″ in diameter)

Little Sweetie 2 Paper Sculpture

Little Sweetie 2 (imported Italian paper, archival glue – 10″ in diameter)

images from Michele Tremblay

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2 Responses to “Michele Tremblay”

  1. Michele says:

    Thanks Kristen…Hope your readers enjoy the pics.

  2. Ann Martin says:

    Am so glad you featured Michele’s white flowers! As beautiful as the photos are, I can only imagine what it’s like to see the huge flowers in person.

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