Marcelo Kato

Marcelo Kato Paper Sculpture

Marcelo Kato’s papercut and paper sculpture work takes my breath away. The Brazil-based paper artist has been honing his craft since age three, when he first picked up a pair of scissors, and his incredible portfolio of paper creations speaks to the love that he has for the medium. I can’t get over how amazingly detailed his work is. Look at all of the tiny little paper bricks below (oh. my. goodness.):

Marcelo Kato

Marcelo also has a shop called Marcelost World, where you can purchase a selection of his papercuts, just a few of which are shown below:

Marcelost World

And be sure to checkout more of Marcelo’s work over at Flickr.

images from Marcelo Kato

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6 comments on “Marcelo Kato

  1. torrie commented //

    so inspiring. i want to learn! love the lettering and drawing style of these papercuts as well.

  2. Shanyn commented //

    Wow…this is an art form which I would love to learn…amazing! Great blog every time!

  3. Lulù commented //

    I’ve discovered Marcelo’s Flickr stream some days ago and found his work definitely stunning. He’s the perfect match of great taste in graphic design & illustration, and uncommon handmade skills.
    Hope you understand what I mean, my english is awful, I know 🙂

  4. Ann commented //

    Astonishing attention to detail and lovely designs – wow!

  5. Joanne commented //

    Oh wow these are stunning. They manage to be intricate and delicate but vibrant too. Really very impressive!

  6. Joanne commented //

    These are stunning – intricate and vibrant at the same time.

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