Love Stamp Inspired Printable Freebies

USPS Love Stamps
image from USPS

By now, most of you have probably seen the latest USPS “love” stamp designs. There’s been a lot of love stamp lovin’ going on over the past few weeks, and you can totally count me in. The illustratons, the color palette, well, they’re awesome!

Erin Vale Love Stamp Freebies
image from Vale Design

Inspired by the new stamp designs, Erin from Vale Design took it to the next level when she created these oh so pretty flat cards and address labels, which you can download here. I was so inspired by Erin’s creativity that I decided to create some stamp inspired freebies, as well:

Paper Crave Love Stamp Freebies

Included are two patterned paper designs that you can use as gift wrap, for scrapbooking projects, and I think that they’d be neat as envelope liners, too. I’ve also made four oversized gift tags that can be used as place cards or mini notes. I hope you enjoy, and thank you so much to Erin (and Derry Noyes and Jeanne Greco, the original creators of the stamps) for the inspiration!

PDF files to download:

Stamp Inspired Paper 1 (Love) – 246kB
Stamp Inspired Paper 2 (Suit Floral) – 168kb
Stamp Inspired Gift Tags – 290kB

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15 comments on “Love Stamp Inspired Printable Freebies

  1. Erin at Vale Design commented //

    I LOVE THEM! Well done. 🙂 I am going to download these for my reference file.

  2. carina commented //

    absolute genius, i love this color palette too!

  3. melissa m commented //

    LOVE the “love” fonts…can you tell us what you used??

  4. julie green commented //

    when i saw these at the post office recently i actually said, “how many can i buy?” : ) i LOVE the stamp inspired goodies here. like, SWOON!

  5. kristen commented //

    Thanks so much, everyone!

    melissa m – I actually drew all of the text by hand, so there are no fonts.

    julie – I’m going to be headed to the post office soon, and I really hope that they have some left!

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  8. shalum commented //

    oh wow! how generous of you! thank you very much!

  9. Anne commented //

    Thank U! These are adorable. I purchased these stamps at the post office because they were just too cute to pass up, and then started seeing people blogging about them.

  10. Carlyn commented //

    It’s so nice to this year’s love stamp, created by Jeanne Greco (my aunt) inspiring people. She has inspired me my whole life.

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  12. Sara commented //

    Hi, this is so beautiful and so cute !
    Thanks for making it available for print .:D

  13. Catherine commented //

    Thank you so much.

  14. libbywilko commented //

    Thanks for these beautiful printables.

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