Letter Impress Invitations at Target

Letter Impress Invitations at Target

I was wandering through Target last week and discovered this pretty collection of printable invitations, called Letter Impress. I guess I don’t go to Target enough, though, because this collection has been around since last year. Oops! Though the cards aren’t genuine letterpress, more like a printed card with debossed accents, the invitations are pretty and modern and keep with the color and design trends of the day.

The Letter Impress collection is designed by Gartner Studios exclusively for Target, and the price tag ($34.99 for a kit that makes 50 invitations) is very friendly for those brides who would love to have a letterpress wedding suite but are unable to fit custom letterpress invites into their budget.

images from Gartner Studios

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9 comments on “Letter Impress Invitations at Target

  1. Pam commented //

    Very nice, but my box does not have the etiquette sheet and instructions…

  2. gabrielle commented //

    Beautiful …. but missing the etiquette sheet and instructions

  3. maria commented //

    Nice but how do I do this……… no instructions!!!!!!

  4. Veronica commented //

    Very nice but the thick paper doesn’t work well in the printer. I get a lot of spots.

  5. Debbie A commented //

    Perfect invitations for my wedding but no instructions.I have no idea how to set these up on my PC. For the price we deserve better.

  6. Christina Moreno commented //

    Very nice, BUT no intruction and no etiqutte sheet.
    I have no idea how to print them.

    Takeing them back to target getting my money back.

  7. Daneen commented //

    If you look at the back of the box, it does NOT tell you that the templates and instructions are included. Only the etiquette sheet. There is a link on the back of the box (www.gartnerstudios.com) to get the templates.

  8. Angela commented //

    The back of my box says the Instruction Card and 4 test sheets should be included…anyone find the instructions?

  9. Alison commented //

    I liked these invitations a lot, but I had a problem when trying to print them with my laser jet printer. The heavy stock paper must not be compatible with laser jet printers, even though it said it was on their website. After printing a few I noticed that the ink would easily smudge or wipe off when I moved my finger acrossed it. Luckily, I was able to find a local printing service that quaranteed the ink would not smudge or wipe off for a reasonable price. It worked thank goodness!

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