Leah Duncan Prints

Leah Duncan Prints

I’m completely taken with the work of Austin, Texas based artist, Leah Duncan. Her illustrations and pattern work are just beautiful — light, organic, with a touch of whimsy. And I totally want the owl!

Leah Duncan Prints

Leah Duncan Prints

Check out the limited edition prints available at Leah’s Etsy shop, and see more of her illustration and pattern work here.

Lulu Paper

Leah also creates custom invitations and stationery at Lulu Paper, so be sure to head over there for much gorgeous eye candy.

images from Leah Duncan

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3 comments on “Leah Duncan Prints

  1. Hijiri commented //

    Wow, these are beautiful!! Thank you for sharing – LOVE your blog, too!!!

  2. Julie commented //

    Love the “staging” of the stationery. It’s very pretty to see all the pieces together.

  3. kristen commented //

    Thanks so much, Hijiri!

    Julie – I completely agree. It’s nice to see everything laid out in the way that Leah has done it.

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